Arkansas Insurance Requirements.

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Continuing Education Requirements

This information is intended to provide answers to commonly asked questions by insurance agents. It is not intended to replace detailed information found in your state’s statutes and regulations. Though we have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the information given is reliable and current, we cannot guarantee that it is. For more information please contact your state insurance department. See contact information below.

Hours Required

 Producers and Adjusters must complete 24 Credit Hours including 3 Credit Hours in Ethics 

Title Agents must complete 6 credits of title insurance courses, including 1 credit in Title Ethics.


Compliance Date

Producers and Adjusters birth month, every two years.

Title Agents birth month, renew annually.

Approved Course Delivery Methods

· Independent self-study online or written courses (passing grade of 70% required on monitored final exam)
· Classroom
· Interactive Online

Exam Requirements

A disinterested 3rd party must monitor all self-study final exams (i.e. someone with no business or family relationship to the student).

Exam Monitoring

All correspondence courses must have a sealed written exam and the completion of the exam must be monitored by a proctor.  Proctors must provide an affidavit on Appendix G which must be completed and returned to the continuing education provider prior to the provider reporting the completed hours to the Department.  Proctors must be a disinterested third party and shall not serve for examinations of family members or relatives or dependents; employers, or supervisors; employees or subordinates; partners or joint ventures or co-owners; current or former teachers or pupils; neighbors or personal friends or significant others; or for anyone with whom the proctor has an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination.

Course Subject Requirements

· All agents must complete 3 hour of Ethics.
· Producers who sell, solicit or negotiate Long Term Care insurance must be licensed for Accident and Health or Sickness or Life, and must complete a one-time 8-hour training course. In addition to the one-time training course, producers who sell LTC insurance must complete no less than 4 hours of ongoing LTC training every 24 months.
· All Arkansas licensed resident insurance producers who sell federal flood insurance must complete a one-time 3-hour requirement on flood insurance.

**Title Agents must take the courses approved for title agents and cannot take courses approved for producers or adjusters.

**Adjusters must take courses approved for adjusters and they cannot take courses approved for producers or title agents.

Carryover Credits

You can carry over the number of hours needed for the next year's requirement. Any hours above those needed for the next renewal period will be lost. Ethics does not carry over. 

Course Repetition

Credit will not be given for course repeated within a 2-year period. While Title agents renew each year, they cannot take the same course in a 2-year period. 


· Individuals holding limited lines licenses for which an examination is not required.
· Individuals holding a limited or restricted license.
· Individuals who are licensed for less than one year upon renewal.
· Individuals who are at least 60 years of age, but only if licensed prior to 07/01/2003.
· Any agent or broker who has been actively licensed for at least 15 consecutive years.


Non-resident agents are exempt from the CE requirement if they are in compliance with the requirements of their home state.

Credit Reporting

Cape will report your continuing education credits electronically to State Based Systems (SBS) within 10 days of course completion.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding renewal or credits, please contact:

Arkansas Insurance Department
Licensing Division
1200 W. Third St.
Little Rock, AR 72201-1904
Phone: (501) 371-2750
Fax: (501) 683-2604

Contact Cape:

Cape School, Inc.
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